Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kites O-Plenty!

Sunday was Austin's Kite Festival in Zilker Park. It was ridiculous the amount of people that were out flying kites. For every one person flying a kite there was at least 1-2 people lounging and watching the kites fly. But it was fun nonetheless. Here are just a few from the perfectly breezy day.

Austin is packed full of unique little events like this all year. Good places to check for such events are Austin360.com, do512.com, austinist.com, and 365thingsAustin.com. So pay attention and get out there and enjoy the great weather!

Have a blessed day!

Friday, March 12, 2010

UNO UNO UNO UNO UNO... by Lauren Clark!

The FINAL GIVEAWAY with UNO by Lauren Clark

The FINAL GIVEAWAY by UNO is only one of the ultimate giveaways this year and it's only March!!! As a photographer you grasp at what you can achieve, stretch to grow and be creative, and learn from those that have come before you. Lauren Clark is UNO of the best portrait photographers out there right now. A chance to learn under her wing would be UNO-believable! A BRAINWASH by Mrs. Clark is exactly what I need. To do so I get to tell you all how I got into photography.

When I think back on life, I've always been intrigued and had a passion for photography, but the primero UNO thing that pushed me over the edge to go from amateur/pleasure picture taking to entering the professional realm would be the first wedding I photographed for a friend. They decided to have the wedding in Florence, Italy and haphazardly said if you'll take the pictures we'll fly you over with us. Uh let me think about that... (I did not need UNO second to think about that) even if I knew absolutely nothing about photography the answer is always YES when someone overs to take you to Italy!

When I look back a year and a half ago to that trip, there was not UNO things but a lot I could have done differently. However, I think I did fairly well with the equipment and experience I had to work with. This UNO event, the experience and amazing-ness of being in stinking ITALY of all places taking pictures, ignited a fire under my butt to learn all I can to become a better photographer. I haven't had the excitement and pleasure I get from photography in any other job I've ever had. It's not a job, it's accepting payment to play and give joy with a photograph.

So that's how I got into photography. UNO chance I took, with UNO-believable rewards. The Lord has blessed me immensely! Here are a few pictures from that first wedding in 2008.

And here is UNO of my favorite pictures from the last wedding I did in 2009.

Someone is going to shoot skittles from their pores from the sheer excitement of winning the UNO contest with Lauren Clark! I really hope that's me :] To learn more about Lauren Clark, UNO, BRAINWASH, and all the amazing photos she is taking check out the following links. She is also in my photographer's blog I read daily at the bottom of my blog. Keep up to date, you don't want to miss her stuff. Side note: she is really focusing on kids portraits, so if you are close to Lubbock or Stillwater (OK.), definitely look her up!





Have a blessed day!


UNO!! (I seriously want to play that game right now)

Friday, March 5, 2010

As long as there are women, there will be dancing...

This past weekend (ya... I'm a little behind - blame the IRS) I had the opportunity to take some photos for the Chaparral Women's Club. Their 2010 Carnivale Gala was a blast! Chaparral is a non-profit service organization serving the community of Round Rock for over 36 years and has also donated over $338,000 to Round Rock and Williamson County Charities since 2000. But don't be fooled, these ladies know how to play hard as well. If you'd like to get more information about CWC or have any questions about the Charities they work with, visit their site at: http://www.rrchaps.org/

The actual auction before the silent auction. I wish I could talk that fast sometimes...
When the band was playing there was no shortage of dancing or awesome 80's music!
It's not a party without a little SHOUT!

I loved the wine bottle ring toss idea, and so did everyone else.
Just a few group shots of the lovely ladies of Chaparral Women's Club

I had a great time, I know everyone at the Gala had a great time. Be sure to check them out if you'd like to know more about the organizations they work with. Many more events to come this spring, can you say Crawfish Boil? Super pumped!

Have a blessed weekend!

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