Monday, August 2, 2010

Clayton and Blair's Wedding Day Whirlwind!

I must confess... I'm about a week late on this blog post, sorry guys! I thoroughly enjoyed taking these pictures. I went to UMHB with Blair and Clayton and while I haven't been able to spend much time with them as a couple since they started dating after college, but the little bit I had I knew how comfortable they were together and how relaxed they would be during the wedding. So of course I said I would love to be a groomsman and stand up for Clayton on his behalf… Then they asked me to be their photographer. 

Now as a photographer, you don't pass up opportunities to capture moments for your friends, it's just how we show our love. To make sure that special things/events they want to remember are well documented. But that would mean giving up being a groomsman right?? Weeeellllll, not so much. Me and my big mouth said, I don't see why I can't do both? This is where the "whirlwind portion of the title comes from. While Clayton and Blair were fairly relaxed and calm about the day and enjoyed the ceremony and all the festivities at the reception, I added a little bit of a whirlwind to the day. 

Started by, taking pictures of Blair and her bridesmaids getting ready, cleaned up myself, grabbed my second shooter to head off and get pictures of Clayton and the groomsmen as well as jump in a couple of pictures myself, to then rush over to where Blair and her girls were to get pictures of all of them in their dresses (all while I'm fully dressed in my tux) and then off to the church. This is where I got a little bit of a breather. A few shots with both sides of the bridal party at the church, and then I got to escort my bridesmaid down the isle. Waited till Blair walked down the isle and was received by Clayton from her dad, a short prayer by Father Ed and I snuck out of the groomsmen line to start taking pictures with my second shooter. Maybe you're thinking - Tyler this isn't really the best plan, groomsmen don't usually step out of line on stage - well not by choice anyways. But then again I'm not your usual groomsman. I made my rounds, got the shots I wanted and then snuck back in line after Clayton and Blair walked up the isle as Husband and Wife for the first time to escort my bridesmaid out of the church.

A quick post-ceremony execution of rounding up family and bridal party for church photos and we were off to the reception, via a sweet covered trailer and a ride around downtown West, Tx where many a local were happy to honk their horns in honor of the happy couple. A sweet detour at a local watering hole for a brief toast and more brief dance on the bar top and we made our entrance to the ceremony.

Let me tell you, there were more people at the reception than there were at the ceremony and rightly so, because while the ceremony was about hour, the reception went strong for 8 or 9. This included about a 30-45 minute wedding march with all attendants and guests around the entire reception hall, inside and out. The Bride and Father dance, that may or may not have had judges from the hit ABC show Dancing with the Stars, unparalleled speeches, and singing and dancing that never stopped. "Eat, Drink, and be Married", was exactly what we did per our instructions on cozies that were given to all. 

It wasn't just a wedding, but a fun filled weekend shared by two families uniting in the marriage of two of their finest. Friends and Family sharing in laughter and helping one another, as God showed us best, in all that it took to pull this incredible weekend off. My congrats to the happy couple, it's just the beginning - but what a way to kick it off!

These are just a few of the countless many that were taken, many more to share on Facebook and with the Bride and Groom.

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